About Us
John          &          Diana
Diana came from Oregon and has a BA
with an emphasis in education. She is an
experienced elementary school teacher
having taught in California. Diana held an
Alaska Teaching Certificate for over twenty
years. On arrival to Alaska she began
working for the State in the court system in
Anchorage spending about fifteen years in
the Anchorage ASAP office as a
screener/probation officer. After leaving
that position and returning to a new home
in Girdwood, she took the time to write the
What Do You Know About Alcohol &
Drugs? Correspondence Course
. This
course was born from a need  she
recognized while working for the State.
Diana noticed  that off-road defendants
found it very difficult to take a  required
alcohol & drug education class in town.
This course was designed to help them
and to provide a needed option for the
courts. Diana has been administering this
course since 1994.
      The photos are of Girdwood in the Winter/
Glacier Creek area. (Except the photo of John & Diana.)
John and Diana were married in 1970 and came to
Alaska in 1977. John taught  jr. high math, science
and health for eight years in Los Angeles and finished
his career in Anchorage at Wendler Jr. High School in
1994. John has a BA in Educational Psychology and a
Masters in Education. After graduate studies in
counseling at Cal State Long Beach and the
University of Southern California, John held a
California Pupil Personnel Certificate (counseling
certificate), now expired.  He also taught Alcohol &
Drug Information as part of the health curriculum in the
public schools for several years.  Upon arrival in
Girdwood both John & Diana operated a B&B for ten
years. John was certified also to work in the ADIS
correspondence school in 2007. Now they both
manage the school together.    
The Student population we do reach is made up of
ages ranging from junior high to senior citizens living
primarily away from easy-to-access Alaska alcohol &
drug education classes. Students are found in Alaska
villages and on commercial fishing boats, in many
colleges and universities scattered across the US,
and on military bases in foreign countries...even on
the oil platforms in the North Sea. There are some
students on the Alaska road system that are assigned
by the court to this school for various reasons.
courts in the lower forty-eight have also
assigned their defendants to us.
Our Plan for the school is to continue meeting the
needs of the student as well as the State. Since
many of the students ask about completing this
course online, we are compelled to continue our
development of a web-based course.
school for
alcohol & drug
education is
approved by the
State of Alaska
for use in court
and DMV
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What Do You Know About Alcohol and Drugs?  
                      Correspondence Course
This course
revolves around
Journaling* for
change. John &
Diana have been
trained and
certified in this

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